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Michael MAJOR
Town Supervisor - Candidate

Michael Major is a committed community member with a proven track record of strong leadership and invaluable political experience. He stands ready to serve as Skaneateles Town Supervisor.

With an impressive history of public service, Mike's journey includes dedicated service on the Skaneateles Village Board from 1999 to 2005. During this time, he excelled as both a Village Trustee and Interim Mayor, carrying forward the legacy of his family's three generations of political dedication to Skaneateles. Having recently retired from an impactful 25-year career as Skaneateles High School's Assistant Principal, Mike is eager to direct his energy and dedication toward the betterment of Skaneateles families.

Vision for Skaneateles:
As Town Supervisor, Mike's agenda encompasses:

  • Prudent Fiscal Management: Mike is unwavering in his commitment to providing and maintaining a punctual and fiscally responsible budget, ensuring that the town's resources are optimally utilized.


  • Enhanced Efficiency Through Consolidation: Mike is dedicated to exploring opportunities for streamlined services through partnerships with private and public agencies. This innovative approach guarantees optimal resource utilization, fostering a more efficient town administration.

  • Preserving Our Lake Watershed: Mike recognizes the significance of our shared lake resources and the essential role they play in providing clean drinking water. He is determined to collaborate closely with neighboring towns and the City of Syracuse to safeguard the integrity of our water sources.


  • Mitigating Truck Traffic Impact: Mike's steadfast commitment to enhancing our quality of life extends to addressing the challenges posed by truck traffic in the Finger Lakes region. His pledge to collaborate with fellow town agencies to reduce the impact of truck traffic resonates with his dedication to community well-being.

Mike is committed to actively listening to his constituents and engaging in open discussions about the issues that hold significance to them.

Public Service:
Mike's connection with Skaneateles runs deep; it's the place where he was raised, and it's where he and his wife chose to return to raise their three children. Throughout the years, he has generously contributed his time and energy to various committees and volunteering efforts.

  • Skaneateles Lake Association

  • President, Skaneateles Schools Administrator’s Association

  • Sons of the American Legion

  • Skaneateles Republican Club

  • Coach, Varsity High School Boys & Girls Hockey

  • Skaneateles Youth Hockey Association – Current Member, President (2015 – 18)

  • Member, St. Mary’s of the Lake, Skaneateles

  • Chairperson, Section Three High School Hockey

As Skaneateles Town Supervisor, Mike's vision is to safeguard the town's integrity and drive pragmatic advancements in line with common-sense principles.

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