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Town Councilor

I’ve had the pleasure and distinct honor to serve you for the last four years as a member of the Town Board. During this first term, I’ve dedicated my time and worked tirelessly to guide and support our community, especially during the unprecedented challenges of the past year. I have greatly enjoyed engaging with all our residents and hearing your perspectives and concerns. I have strived to listen to all sides of the issues and review all the pertinent data to make decisions that are in the best interest of this community.


 During my term, the Town Board has tackled many issues and notable accomplishments:

  • Completed the Simms Building – new restroom facility – at Austin Park

  • Initiated a study to repurpose and extend the life of the Allyn Arena

  • Sponsored an application to protect farmland on the west side of the lake which has been accepted by the Onondaga County Agriculture Farmland Protection Board

  • Supported a plan to study the lake to determine the cause and prevent future algae blooms

  • Undertaken a rigorous budgeting process, evaluating every expense to ensure taxes were kept under the 2% state increase limit

  • Quickly pivoted town employees to work-from-home to ensure town services were successfully maintained for residents during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Restructured Town Transfer Station processes and procedures to ensure this service can continue to be provided for residents in the face of ballooning trash and recycling costs

  • Formed a hamlet committee and received funding to study the northside of town


In addition, a little more about me.


I am a lifelong resident of this community and self-employed small business owner. I am the fourth generation to own and operate our family dairy and crop farm. My lifelong experience in this community, growing up, living, and working here will allow me to bring a unique perspective to the Town Board.


My wife and I have had the pleasure of raising 3 children in this great town and world class school system, who’ve gone on to have successful careers thanks to their upbringing in this town. My eldest son is an Architect, my daughter is a Registered Dietitian, and my youngest son is a Captain and Ranger in the US Army.


Over the years, I’ve served our community in many ways, with a strong focus on guiding how development happens within our community and protecting our beautiful lake:

  • Served on Town Planning Board for 23 years, 16 of them as Chairman

  • Worked closely on 1995 and 2005 Comprehensive Plans and zoning changes

  • Involved in recent updates to Comprehensive Plan in 2015

  • Served on Town Zoning Board of Appeals

  • 9 years as members of the Town of Skaneateles Open Space Committee

  • Member of the Onondaga County Agriculture Farmland Protection Board.

  • Served as member and Chairman of Skaneateles Lake Watershed Agricultural Program for 18 years


I am also a lifelong member of the Skaneateles United Methodist Church, where I serve as a member of the Staff Parish Relations Committee and Trustees, has given me the experience and perspective of working with paid employees and issues of the congregation. This experience is directly applicable to the type of challenges that I’ve tackled as a town board member.


I sincerely ask for your support on November 2, 2021. I greatly look forward to continuing to serve you and our great community.

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