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Town Supervisor

Janet Aaron has held the office of Town Supervisor since 2018.  She previously worked as Deputy & Town Clerk for 24 years and part time Village Clerk for 5 years before that.

Janet is the third generation of her family to reside in Skaneateles.  Her grandparents owned Pine Grove Dairy that delivered milk door to door in the Village and Town of Skaneateles.  She graduated from Skaneateles Central School and received her degree in Business Administration from Cayuga Community College.  She was married to the love of her life for 40 years until his passing in 2012.  She has a son, stepdaughter and 4 grandchildren.  She loves this community and over the years has volunteered in many organizations.  She currently volunteers with the Skaneateles Historical Society.


Janet has been humbled by the support she has received serving the Skaneateles community as Town Supervisor and previously as Town Clerk.  Holding these positions has been the greatest honor of her life and she asks again for your confidence in her by casting your vote on November 2, 2021.


Accomplishments as Town Supervisor since 2018:

  • Replaced the Sims Building in Austin Park with new bathrooms, first aid room and utility room after the Village transferred ownership of Austin Park to the Town.

  • Sponsored the 9E Watershed Management Plan to identify and enhance our lake.

  • Updated & adopted the Comprehensive Plan to include a more user-friendly Zoning Ordinance

  • Established the Town of Skaneateles Facebook Page to enhance communication with the public.

  • Submitted Special NYS Legislation to allow the Town to have zoning authority for boat houses and docks with a Home Rule Request.

  • Lobbied Spectrum Cable to provide internet service to parts of our rural community.

  • Constructed a boat washing station in Mandana.  Greatly improved the access point at the Mandana Boat Launch

  • Purchased the Town streetlights and converted them to LED saving the Town’s street lighting district over $30,000 a year; received a grant to add Smart Cities security cameras in Austin Park, the Transfer Station and at the Mandana Boat Launch parking lot.

  • Authorized a community solar project at the Transfer Station, currently being installed.

  • Organized the Skaneateles Watershed Municipal Partnership along with the City of Syracuse, and Cornell Cooperative Extension that developed a one stop location for government information regarding Skaneateles Lake at and will continue to work together to foster better communication and cooperation among the watershed communities.

  • Established a Hamlet Committee and received a $50,000 County grant to bring in the community to be part of Hamlet Planning.

  • Received a joint Shared Services Grant with the Village of Skaneateles to upgrade our joint remote meter reading system.

  • Refinanced the joint fire department bond with the Village of Skaneateles saving over $100,000 over the life of the bond.

  • Worked to continue services during COVID19 by developing protocols, providing protection for our employees and residents that included remotely connecting employees to their office so they could work during the pandemic to meet the needs of our residents.

  • Repaired the Soldiers and Sailors monument at Lakeview Cemetery to preserve the structure and will work with the Village of Skaneateles to establish historical signs to identify the importance of this Civil War structure.

  • Planning has begun for the renovation of the entire Austin Park Pavilion.

  • Created new rules and fees at the Transfer Station, to enforce compliance as this service was being abused at the taxpayers’ expense.

  • Establishing new signage and branding throughout the Town of Skaneateles.

  • Attend meetings with Skaneateles Lake Association, participated in regular meetings with the Onondaga County Town Supervisors Association and the NYS Association of Towns and established Zoom meetings to continue allowing the public to attend our meetings along with establishing future meetings that will be a combination of in person and Zoom. 

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