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Town Councilor


Courtney Alexander is seeking her second term as Town Councilor.  Over the last 4 years Courtney has served our community with dignity, trust and diligence as Town Councilor, and after a short tenure on the board was honored to be appointed as Deputy Town Supervisor.  She has excellent communication skills, which were especially helpful during the pandemic. She has made a big impact working with residents and Town Board Members on many great initiatives.  Courtney spearheaded and launched the first Town of Skaneateles Facebook Page which has helped keep residents up to date on local topics and events.  She has attended several Association of Towns training sessions where she and Supervisor Aaron were able to identify significant positive financial strategies that the town is now using to increase profits on investments.  Courtney was a key force in pushing for a 5% Tourist Occupancy Tax that was recently approved by the state for both the town and village.  This will be a new source of revenue for our community that is solely paid for by tourism.  These funds will be used for upkeep and infrastructure of our local town parks.  This is just one example of how Courtney is working to increase funding for our town from outside sources to keep taxes low for our residents.  She also supports the new water infrastructure project that will provide water and increase fire flow to residents throughout the community.  Our current board was successful in obtaining a $4.4 million dollar grant from the state, which is largest grant ever received by our community; Skaneateles does not often qualify for funding from the state due to being an affluent community.  This was a great accomplishment for our current town board.  Another accomplishment during her term has been her dedication to re-establishing the Conservation Committee.  You will notice that this committee of outstanding volunteers has made great improvements at the Skaneateles Conservation Area, including updating the map and trail systems, removal of invasive plant species, working with the DEC to treat our hemlock trees for the invasive hemlock wooly adelgid, community tree plantings, installing new boardwalks, and soon, new stairs will be erected at the Guppy Falls trail area for a safer way to enter the trails.  Courtney also played a key role in establishing and actively meeting with Skaneateles Watershed Municipal Partnership where she and other town, village, county and city officials meet regularly to foster good stewardship of our most valuable natural resource.  See for information on this organization and to view the resource that this group created for our community. She also serves as our board representative for the Owasco Lake Watershed Group. These are just a few of the key accomplishments Courtney has made in her first 4 years as Town Councilor.  She is an open minded, active community member who listens to her constituents.  Courtney believes that no board member is an expert on all topics (including herself) and will continue to research, listen and actively engage with board members, town employees, community members and professionals to serve our town to the best of her ability. 


Born and raised in Skaneateles, Courtney is a life long resident with deep roots. Her parents Ken and Charlene Jones owned and operated Lakeside Video for many years and were also dedicated members of our community.  She and her husband Dr. Jim Alexander, the Medical Director for the Onondaga County Health Department, have raised 4 boys together and are very active in our local youth organizations and local government. Her passion for our community and for preserving our Conservation lands & Skaneateles Lake, and her experience working with our Town Supervisor, Janet Aaron, and current Town Board members has inspired Courtney to run for her second term as Councilor.  Experience matters in the upcoming election.  Courtney would be honored to have your vote in November so that she may continue serving our community.

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